Sunday, February 20, 2011

What Really Happened

Okay, we have an eyewitness report about Tara’ technical at the Stanford Women’s’ Basketball game vs. USC from someone who was at the game. (Thanks to PM)

Tony K made a brilliant swoop inside under the basket, making a layup. The USC player (not planted) stepped into her way and the refs called a charging foul, not counting the basket.  It was so flagrant that the whole red audience stood up and screamed NOOOOO.  Tara hopped onto the court to have a shout at the refs (I've rarely seen her so animated.)  Refs held to their call and gave USC two free technical shots, which they missed, showing there is a GOD.

And, Nneka's fall was really scary.  She lay on her side for over two minutes not moving.  We are all scared it is much worse than just a sprained ankle, but nobody is saying.

Papers reported today that Nneka Ogwumike did not practice Saturday and received treatment for her ankle, and is questionable for today’s game against UCLA.

Come on Stanford, don't start out slow this time!

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