Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Now Stanford is Number 3!

So, AP top 25 Women’s College Basketball polls tallied their marks on Monday BEFORE the UConn vs. Duke game and listed Baylor, UConn, Duke number three, Stanford four. How can we tell? They list Duke as 20-0, their record before said game. The ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll tallied their marks AFTER the said said UConn - Duke game. How do we know? They list Duke at 20 and ONE! Stanford is number THREE, behind Baylor and UConn, then Tennessee four and Duke FIVE! Attitude, HA! (AND C and R just discovered the CAP lock button on our keyboard). Take that back east, where we get no respect (And thank you to all who wrote in to remark we get no respect… preaching, choir), but at least we can go outside in shorts here in California and not worry about shoveling snow. So yeah, um, take that back east…

Here, check out our math, we’re not lyin’

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