Monday, November 15, 2010

Game of the Year?

So, when UConn was on our schedule to come here, to Maples in December, to play the Stanford Women’s Basketball team, the last team that beat them, what, three years ago, and then lost to them in the NCAA Championship game last year, and the game was going to be the exact number of games to beat the UCLA men’s basketball streak of consecutive wins, it was going to be the game of the century. Well, UConn’s league added in some meaningless games to their schedule and now the game against Stanford is not the magical number and besides, UConn has to get by -sniff- number two Baylor, tomorrow, so now that game is being called the game of the year... so far.

Of all teams not named Stanford, experts agree Baylor has the best shot of stopping UConn this season. Baylor is lead by 6-8 shot blocking/dunk machine Brittney Griner.

The game is being televised, and is set for 6 PM EST, and after a frantic search for all basketball games at 6 PM on our Tivo, we remembered our math and calculated the game starts at 3 PM our time. C and R have to work and or nap at that time, so we are taping it. Please don’t call, email, text, chat or send smoke signals about the game. We will be watching it later in the evening, unless “Glee” comes on, then we’re screwed.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how much Brittney Griner has improved. BTW, didn’t one of the Baylor guards quit? A quick internet-thingie search says it was starting point guard Kelli Griffin who quit days before the season opener. That can’t be good. And more googling turned up that the new Baylor freshmen guard, Makenzie Robertson is fiery Baylor coach Kim Mulkey’s daughter!! Wow, that’s got to be tough. We mean, has that even ever happened before, a Mom coaching her daughter in a DI school in a top 10 program?

Wonder if they had any special NCAA rules to follow about no contact or special gifts or considerations when she was in the recruiting process. (Not that we are saying Kim violated any rules, just that there are specific recruiting rules that would be hard to follow as mother/daughter, such as they can’t see/talk to each other before signing up, although maybe her daughter was a typical teenager and locked herself in her room 24/7!). Geez, how did we get so off-track? We just wanted to tell our faithful fans about this match up.

Anyway, tune in or record this game of the year and scout UConn for Tara, won’t you? We know we will. Hee hee (That’s Stanford Head Coach Tara VanDerveer and we are SURE she would love to hear from us!)

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