Thursday, November 11, 2010

Convincing Win

Sounds like the Stanford Women’s Basketball team’s 100-52 win over UC San Diego on Tuesday was a lot of fun. Too bad C and R missed it, what with “Glee” on and all. No, R is still healing from her bionic shoulder, so we skipped this exhibition game. It will be hard for R to make the opening game, but when we saw it is Rutgers, well, she is saving her pain pills for Sunday!

Ogwumike leads the way, but it was Chiney, not Nneka, although C and R were cheered to hear Nneka played after sitting out the first exhibition game with a sore ankle. Hecka Nneka* (registered copyright!-T-Shirts pending) just played 13 minutes. Hope she is going to be okay to go for Rutgers.

Chiney, healthy as a horse, scored 24, almost a quarter of the points, and Stanford shot 75% from the field. Whew! Although the three point shot was not a threat in this game, who needs that when you have rebounders such as Sarah Boothe, Joslyn Tinkle, Kayla Pedersen, Ogwumikes squared… did we leave anyone else out. Fear the TreeS!* (Registered copyright!-T-Shirts pending).

Tara is sure trying out Toni Kokenis at point. It will be interesting to see how the freshman holds up in a game against say, Rutgers. Did we mention Rutgers is coming to town? (BTW, Tara is Stanford head coach Tara VanDerveer- registered copyright!-T-Shirts pending… nah, just kidding on that one!)

Oh, we got an email from a fan that was actually at the game. Her observations were that in the Van Guard game, everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, was told to shoot threes. In this game, it seemed Tara said only shoot twos. In fact, everything should be a lay up. Boy, if any of that is true, we truly ARE a versatile team! Thanks PM!

If you bump into C and R at the “real” game on Sunday, make sure not to bump into R’s arm, as she needs to heal. See ya there!

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