Thursday, June 17, 2010

WNBA All Star Vote

Hey, vote for your favorite WNBA all stars! Well, it is a little different this year. Coach of the National Team, Geno Auriemma, wants some quality games for the USA National Team, so since the All Star game is being held in Connecticut, where he is the UConn coach, he worked out a sweet little deal. Have the Team USA players play the WNBA ALL Star players. See the best US stars play each other. Trouble is, most Team USA players would normally be on the all star roster. Fans vote for 10 of their favorite players, regardless of league or position, the top ten players go, and if the players were all ready selected for Team USA, they play there. C and R are a little confused. What if 8 of the 10 players are Team USA players? Would it then by 8 on 2? (okay, C and R read something about the coaches making the other picks to round out the teams.)

Well, go here to register; you have to give email address and stuff, but if you are like C and R, you have that one fake one you use that collects all the spam. (ummm spam sushi…arrrrgh—okay that was our Homer Simpson imitation). Plus this vote is one that you can do every day. Just think if we ran our government elections like this!

And this just in, former Stanford player Jayne Appel is one of the top vote getters! It’s weird, she had a great four-year career as a collegian with Stanford and her WNBA debut has been limited by a stress fracture and sprained ankle, so she’s not tearing up the WNBA like, say, Tina Charles, the former UConn player and current WNBA rookie who IS tearing it up. Yet Jayne was highly prized by Geno for Team USA, picking only Tina Charles and Jayne Appel for his centers this spring. Well, we would love a healthy Jayne Appel to be on the National Team and get all that free training and coaching, too.

Vote for Jayne, (And Candice Wiggins and Nicole Powell)!

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