Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Softball World Series

Congratulations to UCLA for wining the Softball College World Series, beating Arizona two games to none. (We like they get to play the best two out of three, maybe basketball could adopt that!) In the last game UCLA won it 15-9 and the game featured a record seven home runs, including a grand slam. The 24 total runs were also a World Series record. Love the offense, and love ESPN for showing a lot of games. C and R got to watch a great1-0 pitchers duel earlier in the tournament, but who doesn’t love the long ball! And hey, C and R certainly liked the all PAC-10 final. In fact, if you look at the top 20, seven schools are from the PAC-10, if C and R are counting correctly (or can count that high).

 Checking in on former Stanford player Jayne Appel, and C and R See she shot a three! She not only shot one, she made it, too, so she is sitting at 100%! C and R are not sure we like this stat. There was a lot of chatter last year that Jayne needs to work on her outside game, mid jumper kinda thing, yes, we were the ones doing most of the chattering, but shooting threes? Even C and R think she should focus on inside for rebounds and assists and stuff. But we are just glad to see she is playing in the WNBA, even with the distraction of having one coach move to the general manager spot and the coach that was to take his place take time out to have a baby! Keep chugging away, Jayne!

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