Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tinkle, Tinkle

Hi, C here...So, okay, I was at the craft store (I do too, go to the craft store on a regular basis) and saw a package of little jingle bells… I got this great idea. I am bringing them to the next game and will pass them out and every time freshmen Joslyn Tinkle touches the ball we shake the bells. Maybe only three times, tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, to let her know we appreciate her! Really, she looked great in the first preseason game; her moves were very reminiscent of Jayne Appel. We expect big things out of her. So if you are at the craft store yourself, pick up some jingle bells, not the big cow bells, although they had a big ol’ clapper bell I almost bought but then R would have killed me. Just the little jingle bell kind. Well, I did get three different sizes to experiment with the sound, but pick up the size you like and meet me at Maples on Sunday.

Speaking of Jayne, she received another honor. She was named to the Associated Press' preseason All-America team. I am sure it is well deserved. She had a great year last year and when healthy, hopefully more of the same. But isn’t picking a preseason All Star Team really just voting on last year’s performance? I mean it is preseason, no one has done anything yet, right?

After getting whooped by Stanford 107-49, Vanguard went over to Cal and Cal ONLY beat them 101-81. HA. But two of their five hundred freshmen shined brightly, so we are worried about the youth factor. Let’s hope brains and experience can beat them when we meet Cal.

Okay, C and R are always happy when one of our local newspaper, the SF Chronicle this time, pays attention to women’s basketball, so it was nice to see an article about Nekka Ogwumike and her “skying” ability (hey, that’s what we call it when she jumps so high, too). Jayne says she is jumping even higher this year. So much so that Stanford coach Tara VanDerveer is concerned that Ogwumike will get called for goal-tending this season. Gulp! And, oh, the Chron used the spelling of her nickname Nneka. So we have to get with the program and start using it, too.

Come out Sunday with your tinkle bells to see Jocelyn, Jayne, Nneka and the rest, here on Gilligan’s Isle, we mean Maples Pavilion. Sunday at 2:00 PM.

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