Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mo' media, Mo' Coverage

Foolin’ around on the Internet and we found more Cardinals Articles, more exposure. These two are from ESPN. This one focuses on senior center Jayne Appel. Yes, I guess she really does love the flip-flops. (a quote we focused on from her Glamour interview)

C and R do love that it mentions she has more to life than basketball and really gets out there and enjoys it. The article mentions what C and R observe every time we see the team, after a game or whatnot, Jayne is the one the team gravitates towards.

Nneka Ogwumike gets special attention from Mechelle Voepel, who has been writing about women’s basketball FORever and a few years ago ESPN had the sense to get her articles on its pages and website. Things we didn’t know about Nneka. She plans to become a doctor, her major is pre-med, taking human biology, she came to basketball late in life and is still has room to improve on fundamentals (her shot), and her sister is 6-2 and looking for a place to play college ball next year. Her parents always placed a high priority on education and in some ways Nneka is not here first for Stanford Basketball, she is here first for the Stanford education. Not a lot of athletes at any school can say that. Her mother has told her, "I've told her, 'Basketball is a vehicle for getting what you want from the rest of your life.'"

And Mechelle, with ESPN again, turns her attention to ranking the top four or so women's basketball teams and a little extra about Joslyn Tinkle. We didn’t know her father coaches for Montana and there was a lot of pressure pot stay in Montana. We are glad she joined the Bay Area, and if she has been outside on the last month and enjoyed this wonderful weather, we are sure she is glad she came here, too.

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