Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

If you have been as mesmerized by our little count down graphic at the top of the page as we have, then you would know Stanford plays its first exhibition game of the season this Sunday, November 1st!

All C and R can say is…FINALLY!

We know these girls are smart, they do attend Stanford classes, after all, but now they have to go to point guard camp. The SF chronicle reported that Tara is running a camp for point guards. R thinks are biggest question mark will be the point guard spot, although she loved the look she got from JJ Hones in an early practice. Now, let’s hope she is healthy in time for regular season play.

The Chron article also said that they want Jayne to, gulp, take more threes?!? We know Kayla plays that way, and that you want to be more versatile as a team, but don’t take your best player away from her strength. Jayne scores her points close to the basket, rebounds well close to the basket, and when double-teamed near the basket, is the best passer to find the open player even closer to the basket. I think it would be a mistake to have Jayne on the perimeter.

Well, we will find out in the coming weeks…

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