Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jaime Part II

Remember we talked to Jaime Sellers, Stanford Assistant Women’s Lacrosse Coach. We recently heard from Jaime and she had some more to say. Previously we asked her how she got a paying coaching job right out of college and Jaime wanted to talk more about her wonderful head coach Amy Bokker.

“When I was hired, I recognized Amy was taking a risk in hiring someone with very little to no actual coaching experience. Amy's mentoring nature and giving young aspiring coaches the opportunity to be a part of something great is one thing the Amy feels is of the utmost importance to the growth of not only lacrosse, but women in sport. I feel lucky that a coach of Amy's caliber and experience believed in my ability and desire to coach.”

Wow, we are lovin’ Stanford’s head coach more and more. C and R enjoyed listening to Jaime talk about her experiences with trying out for the national team. We have never personally known someone who has made it that far in her sport, so we appreciated the insight and first hand knowledge. Jaime wanted to add to what she said.

“ The experience was great, but I am unsure I will participate in the process again. I felt the try-out was very well organized, but by the end I started to feel that the coaches already had in mind who they were most likely going to pick. With my best play coming at the end of the weekend, I was hoping I could impress the selection committee, but unfortunately it was a little too late and I fell short of doing so. Overall, I want to stress how honored I felt to make it to the last round and that it was, above all, a great learning experience.”

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