Saturday, April 4, 2009

Final Four Thoughts

As far as we can tell, Stanford plays Uconn at 6:30 PM Pacific Time on Sunday. On regular ESPN, no less! Before that, Courtney bets her scholarship against Louisville at 4 PM PST. C and R will be in front of their TIVO, making their own replays for hours on Sunday.

C and R have been reading all the articles as of late. No one wants to outright say Uconn is going to win, but most of them say Stanford has to play flawlessly to beat them. Even Candice Wiggins from Spain said that! The best quote we found, which shows you how smart Tara is, is the quote that she said she would rather face Uconn with five days to prepare than one day. Someone had just asked, "shouldn't this game be the Championship game?" Tara is probably the only person on earth who is happy it is not, with her five days to prepare.

R pointed out that while we were happy three PAC-10 teams survived to the sweet sixteen, Uconn has beat two of them in a row to get to the third. Let's hope Stanford can buck the trend. BTW, we did notice in all those articles that Joann Boyle rang up Tara to get tips on how to beat Uconn, and they actually had the lead in the first half. And Charli Turner Thorne, former Stanford player and current Arizona State coach, called Tara, too, to get tips. Who does Tara call?

See ya Sunday!

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