Friday, April 10, 2009

The Championship Game (without Stanford)

Well Uconn won the national championship Tuesday, big deal. At least we lost by ONLY 19. Louisville lost 76-54. You can read all the details in some other blog, we haven't the heart.
It seems C and R are suffering a basketball hang over, or maybe it is withdrawal of not seeing that final joy on Stanford's faces.

Uconn won all 39 of its games this season by double digits. No men's or women's team has ever accomplished that feat. That is pretty amazing, darn it.

To further sour our mood, we just heard the great Michelle Smith will not be covering women's basketball for the San Francisco Chronicle. That's a newspaper, which has been downsizing everything due to lost readership because of the internet (hey, get off the computer and go buy a paper!). Anyhoo, she is leaving for parts unknown, but C and R are worried they the paper, in their downsizing mode, will not replace her with someone dedicated to women's basketball.
We are major bummed.

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