Friday, March 6, 2015

Pac-12 Tourney, Round 1

The Stanford Women’s Basketball team took advantage of the first round bye to beat UCLA 67-62. However, Stanford floundered on offense for long stretches and let UCLA come back several times. UCLA was able to tie the game at 56 with five minutes left, but Amber Orrange (Ms. Clutch) made a three and Stanford hung on for the win.

UCLA came in with a game plan to stop the Stanford guards and let the Stanford bigs have the ball in their hands. They also didn’t believe the Stanford bigs could hurt them. The Stanford bigs of Erica McCall, who scored 10 and grabbed eight boards, and Kailee Johnson, who had eight points and seven boards did wound them. Plus the Stanford guards weren’t’ really stopped, Amber Orange had 18 and Lili Thompson had 14.

Erica McCall
Stanford's Erica McCall, left, and UCLA's Kari Korver battle for a loose ball
(AP Photo/Stephen Brashear)

Bad/sad news, Karlie Samuelson is out for the tourney (and probably for the year) with a broken pinkie. She recently had surgery and that was one humongous cast for a busted pinkie.

This just in, Colorado upset Oregon State and knocked them out of the tournament. Now Stanford just needs to beat ASU to make it to the finals. ASU beat them twice, so you know what C and R always say, third time’s a charm. See the game for free on Pac-12 channel Saturday at 6PM, even if you don’t get it. Stanford will be wearing their black unis, something Tara VanDerveer does not remember them even earing in the torunet, as they are never the underdog. TVD says she likes that.
Crossing fingers and pinkies for Stanford! in the next round.

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