Thursday, September 20, 2012

Brandi’s Game

When soccer legend Brandi Chastain was near the end of her soccer career, two local teams, in leagues that have since disbanded, unceremoniously let her go. Brandi, rather than cry in her beer, threw herself one heck of a retirement party. She invited some of her closest friends, you know, all the World Cup and Gold Medallists she has played with over the years, and some stars of other sports and then did what she loved: played a soccer game. (She got to play on both sides so she could play with everyone on the field). Oh, she also invented a new charity just in time to give the proceeds of the game to said charity. How cool is that?

Well, Brandi is at it again, hosting a second game for her charity, the ReachUP Foundation. She’s not calling it a second retirement party, however most of the same people are coming, along with some news faces. Most notably for C and R, she is making some of the local women’s college coaches actually play the game. Being a coach over the years and asking player sot make plays, you forget, it’s always harder than you think!

Brandi recently wrote a blog for the Huffington Post entitled “The Importance of Determination.” In the article, she explains that her charity helps girls realize their dreams. The Reachup! Foundation was created to provide a community where young girls can be inspired, empowered and challenged to reach beyond what they feel their limitations may be. They produce content and programs that encourage girls to develop the skills necessary to make healthy lifestyle choices, become true champions and challenge young girls to reach for their dreams, from the website.  Brandi says in the Huffington article; “it's vital for young girls to have strong, positive role models and to see the game they love played at a high level. Sport does this for girls and provides them with empowerment and positive body image.” Brandi also talks about not having strong female role models growing up, especially women’s soccer. And what a shame today girls today still don’t. Shame indeed.

If you are around Saturday, September 22, and find yourself near the San Jose Municipal Stadium, come out and see a game played with great passion and joy. And celebrate a great, cause, too. Then stay for the free Radio Disney Concert. It features some young things your younger kids have heard about. Friends scheduled to appear and play soccer are numerous: Friends scheduled to appear and play soccer are numerous.

Here is a more detailed timeline:
Ultimate Field Day is run by Disney. Noon to 4 PM, for everyone
Soccer Clinic with Brandi and friends 2-3 PM, and requires special ticket
The Parade of Teams is at 4 PM (youth teams and organizations like Girl Scouts, Girls on the Run, Girls For a Change, etc, to wear their uniforms/a shirt from their group and welcome the celebrity athletes onto the field).
The game kicks off right after that, at around 4:15.
The Disney stars will take the stage at 6:30
Click here for Tickets

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