Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Super Stanford Women’s Sports Day!

Well, Stanford Women’s Basketball has not started yet but there are other women’s sports we can watch, and this Friday, September 9th there is a perfect storm of Stanford Sports on the Farm. The Stanford Women’s Volleyball team is taking on defending champs Penn State and the Stanford Women’s Soccer team is taking on defending champs Notre Dame.

First up, the Stanford Women’s Volleyball team takes on defending champs Penn State in the annual Nike Volleyball Big Four Classic. And not just any defending champs. Penn State has won the title four times in the last four years. They are the UConn of basketball. In 1997, Stanford beat Penn State in the final for the title. In 1999, Penn State got their first title with a win over Stanford in the finals. In 2007, Penn State won the title in a close match against Stanford and met them again in 2008, Penn State once again prevailing. To say these two have history is an understatement.

Stanford and Penn State have met each other 12 times. Six victories to Stanford and six to Penn State. Someone is walking away with bragging rights. Game starts at 5:30 PM at Maples Pavilion.

Next on the bill is Stanford women’s soccer playing on Cagen Stadium as part of the Stanford Nike Invitational. They are meeting last year’s champs, Notre Dame. Who did ND beat in the championships game? Oh, only previously unbeaten STANFORD! Could this get any better? Stanford is coming off a rout of Northwestern in the tournament, beating them 6-0.

So remember, Friday, September 9th:
-Stanford Women’s Volleyball 5:30 PM at Maples against defending champs Penn State.
-Then Stanford Women’s Soccer against defending champs Notre Dame at 7:30 at Cagen Stadium, right near where we park for basketball, at 7:30 PM.

Perfect storm for Stanford women’s sports.

If you can’t make it to the fields of play, go the Stanford website and you can view it online on God-awful Gametracker. Look for the two nuts cheering their heads off. Cuz that will be C and R! Oooo maybe some Stanford Women's basketball players might be there, too!

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