Sunday, April 24, 2011

WNBA Off-Season

In the college basketball off-season, C and R like to look towards the WNBA for our basketball fix, especially now that two of our favorite Stanford Women's Basketball players that we have been following for the past four years, Kayla Pedersen and Jeanette Pohlen are in the big show. Too bad the WNBA is in their off-season, too. Training camps open around May 15th, we think, and opening day is June 3rd. Still a lonnnnng way aways…anyway, the WNBA did make some news by finally picking a president to replace Donna Orender.

Thinking strategically, they went with a “veteran marketing executive” in hiring Laurel J. Richie. She most recently served as the Chief Marketing Officer for the Girl Scouts. (Got cookies? Will players have to raise their right hand and promise to be loyal and trustworthy? Will they all go camping for a team bonding experience… actually, that last one is not such a bad idea…C and R love camping. Who wants s’mores?) Back to Richie, her resume is impressive for “branding” and marketing, two things the WNBA needs to promote itself and make money to keep having teams, but….. What does Richie know about basketball? If we have another on-court brawl like the last few seasons, is she going to give them all a time out (Here, have some thin mints and promise to play nicely). Perhaps she should have been vice-president in charge of branding and marketing and making money and keeping the league afloat and partnered up with someone who has more basketball cred. Former prez Donna Orender was a former collegiate and professional basketball player. We’re just sayin’.

In other WNBA news. R found this really strange article states that some professional gamblers love the WNBA since no one pays any attention to it, they can make small fortunes betting (?!) I know, right? One gambler estimates he made $100,000 betting on the WNBA.

One gambler thinks it is easier for the mafia to come in and bribe a woman to throw a game! Okay, there are just so many things wrong with that statement, but ya know, you can always argue that the WNBA has really hit the big time if the mafia is paying attention to it! (Wonder if our former Girl Scout exec is aware of the mafia hovering around the WNBA gyms, a mini black sox scandal in the making! Hee hee).

-This just in, C and R give up their day jobs and now make living gambling on WNBA.-

Gee, spending hours poring over statistics and analyzing players tendencies and reading box scores (When you can find them) and surrounding ourselves with multiple monitors tuned in to all the women’s WNBA games on satellite TV every day in the summer and then making money. Sounds like a dream job!

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