Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Tickets are Here!

R got her tickets to Stanford (and did the Stanford ticket dance) a week or so ago, I am not sure anymore, as I started a new teaching job and feel like I can’t keep my head above water. Anyhoo, guess who is on the Dec 30th ticket vs UConn? Give up? None other then Nneka Ogwumike. Nneka is now my favorite player, as Nneka grew up before our eyes last year transforming herself from an inexperienced freshman into a leaping, rebounding, sophomore scoring machine. R does not share my passion for Nneka and instead likes incoming freshmen Sara James, based on the small performance we saw in a summer league in San Francisco, not that I am disparaging R or anything.

R defends her choice by saying Sara can do just about anything, she can rebound, play the point, defend and be a leader, (based on those two games we witnessed), not to mention she is a great three point shooter.

But getting back to those tickets, C and R were both excited to hold the UConn tickets in our hot little hands. We had written previously that the Stanford - UConn game here is in Palo Alto would be a perfect storm of a game, what with the game being the exact number UConn would need to win to break the UCLA men’s streak for consecutive wins ever and Stanford was the last team to beat them almost three years ago. Then it wasn’t. It was two games after the streak would be broken.

So imagine C’s surprise when she opened up her SF Chronicle and found a picture of Nneka in it! And the article was full of useful facts and stuff. Facts like, Joslyn Tinkle has a left ankle sprain and is wearing a boot, will be out a few more weeks and Mel Murphy will be back in January if rehab goes well and Lindy La Rocque has a bone problem in her foot and might be out for the season. Kayla Pedersen is playing every position on the court, including point. Nneka is working on a three point shot…say what? You want your leading rebounder, who set a PAC-10 record for rebounding last year to be out on the perimeter shooting? Why not give that job to sister Chiney, who liked to throw the ball up based on those same two games in SF we witnessed.

Oh, btw, we also learned that UConn wanted the game with Stanford to be the potential record breaking game, but the Big East where UConn plays, scheduled two conference games in December to ruin that. Good to know UConn didn’t chicken out… And double btw, head coach Geno Arawhat's-his-name thinks his team will go down in defeat this year, anyway, so they could come into Stanford nursing a loss or two.

Next up, our N1F (number one fan-note the new logo this year) reports on the first day of practice, since C and R could not be there.

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