Wednesday, May 26, 2010

National Title(s)

Congratulations to Stanford Women’s Tennis and their National Championship! They also keep alive the most prestigious streak in college sports, the National Title Streak. It seems that every year since 1976-7, Stanford has won at least one National Title in a sport, men’s or women’s. Actually, 97 National Titles were won in that 33-year time frame (women’s basketball had two of those 97). And this year it looked like the streak was in jeopardy. Here it was, the end of May, and none of Stanford’s sports team had won a title. Oh, there were four runners up, men’s gymnastics, women soccer, women’s swimming, and, of course the focus of this blog, women’s basketball. But along came tennis sisters freshmen Mallory Burdette and senior Lindsey Burdette, who both won their matches and contributed to the team tennis win. Hmm, freshmen Chiney Ogwumike and junior Nneka Ogwumike are sisters that will be playing on the same Stanford women’s basketball team next year….


  1. Man, you really missed the boat: the Men's Volleyball team won the national championship in Maples Pavilion earlier this month...

  2. oopsies, our bad, congrats to men's volleyball!