Sunday, September 13, 2009

Almost Game Time

Okay, we survived the drive up to Sacramento. We found the press entrance (almost knocked over a few handicapped people rushing through). We are here to blog about the Sacramento Monarchs and Minnesota Lynx game, the last game of the season for both.

R is so excited she can’t even think. We got free parking and free admittance and when they said help yourself to the free food for the media, and then all the questions we thought up on the drive up went out of our heads!!

We got access to the Sacramento Monarchs locker room and right off the bat saw Kara Lawson in street clothes. She’s been injured about a month (left leg). She is looking forward to her gig at ESPN with March Madness. Who wouldn’t love a job like that? We are so excited one of the players asked if we had any more questions, so was so sweet to us, we think it was Laurie Harper.

We found our seats courtside. We are in the front row. R walked out to take a picture of C typing away, and Candice Wiggins was on the court at the same time.

We are getting excited about the start of the game! Cheerleaders from the local women’s football team, yes you heard us, that wasn’t one of C’s glorious typos, cheerleaders from the local women’s team perform. We talk to a friendly statistician before the game. He is sitting next to us in the front row. We do note Nicole Powell needs five more points to surpass Yolanda Griffith’s franchise records of 545 points in a season. We tell him to nudge us when it happens so we don’t miss it.

It’s a few minutes before the game. We don’t want to blog live and get us or anyone else in trouble, so we’ll write more at half time!

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