Monday, May 11, 2009

Olympic Trails and Tribulations

R went out last night and our number one (and only) fan told her we are boring (in so many words). I agree, we are boring; we are sooooooo missing women’s college basketball. Someone told me the big men are playing (NBA playoffs) and it got exciting, but I just can’t get into it, especially when the biggest news is someone broke his foot (well, Yao Ming), and apparently his team didn’t need him anyway, as they beat the LA Fakers, I mean Lakers, without him…yawn….

Oh, here is some women’s college basketball news…..and it is even about Stanford (surprise, surprise).

Our two freshmen, our best biggest and tallest and best-est leaper (is best-est a word?), got invited to try out for the USA basketball Junior National Team, otherwise known as the U19 Team. We are, of course, talking about Sarah Boothe (Booooo-the) and Necka Ogwumike. They go mid-May to Colorado Springs. But don’t worry that our freshmen will be homesick and not be able to make friends with the rest of the girls, they will be surrounded by the familiar faces of Jayne Appel, Kayla Pederson, and Jeannette Pohlen! (Man, that one summer of working out with that track coach in LA and dropping some lbs, all the things Tara told her to do, has changed Pohlen’s life). That trio will be at the trials for the USA Basketball World University Games Team at the same time.

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